Our SOLO site is currently being updated and is not offering policies for short-term theatre productions and other events at present. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please check back in a few months to purchase online.

As for other options that we have in place, there is an offline annual theatre/performance based policy we can set quickly with our actONE Program (Canada only). This policy may insure all performances, rehearsals, workshops, and classes within an annual term. New activities can be added to the policy midterm as well. If interested, please contact Victor at: victor@frontrowinsurance.com or 416-271-4215.

En tant que compagnie de divertissement familial multidisciplinaire qui fait des tournées partout dans le monde, nous pouvons pratiquer notre art l’esprit tranquille grâce aux solutions d’assurance sur mesure de Globalex/Front Row Assurance. Après une cinquantaine d’années d’activité, notre compagnie a enfin trouvé un programme d’assurance avantageux qui répond à tous nos besoins.

Danny Everson Directeur général, Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia