What is included in optional Theatrical Property Pack?

Theatrical Property Pack:  $50.

  Limit Deductible
Theatrical Property (Owned / Rented)

This is coverage for owned and rented theatrical property and equipment, including:

  • A. Stage properties, set pieces, drops, curtains, masking pieces, costumes, wardrobe and similar theatrical property; and
  • B. Cameras, camera equipment, including slides and films, sound and lighting equipment, portable electrical equipment, mechanical effects equipment, grip equipment and musical instruments; and
  • C. Backstage property, office contents and tenant’s improvements. props, sets, scenery, costumes, wardrobe and similar theatrical property against direct physical loss or damage to said property.
$75,000* $500
Actors, Employees & Volunteers Property Extension $10,000 $500
*Furs, Jewellery, Antiques, Art - Included in the Theatrical Property limit. Up to $5,000* $500
Money & Securities (Broad Form; Inside/Outside)
  •  Covers against loss by theft, or destruction of money and securities inside and outside of your venue.
$10,000 $500